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Bags because you can not know the implementation
Source:本站    Uploaded:2010-12-8

Plastic shopping bags are everyday consumables, every year China consumes a lot of plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags provide convenience for consumers, while, due to excessive use and recycling are not in place and other reasons, also caused a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. Especially the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags easily damaged, mostly thrown away and become "white pollution" the main source. More and more countries and regions have limited the production of plastic shopping bags, sale and use. To implement the scientific concept of development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take effective measures to supervise the production, durable, easy recycling of plastic shopping bags, guide and encourage the rational use of plastic shopping bags people, and promote comprehensive utilization of resources, protecting the environment, to further promote energy conservation.

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