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Red bags legitimate market research
Source:本站    Uploaded:2010-12-8

Non-woven bags are "popular" in Shenzhen's major shopping malls and supermarkets, business sales or free reusable shopping bags in different colors, different thickness and types are also dozens of species. Yesterday, Huaqiang North Metro specializes in plastic shopping bags merchant, told reporters recently specifically to increase the number of non-woven bags. Sungang Road market in the plastic bag on a franchise owner told reporters that the bags on the market are called non-woven material in a production, you can always use more environmentally friendly. The introduction of the plastic limit, which is also some ordinary plastic bag and sellers seeking to respond to changes in the market transformation. A large bags manufacturers told reporters, the national non-woven production line in 1999 only 20, has now grown to 300. Shenzhen Textile Industry Association said, "plastic limit" the introduction to the non-woven industry development has brought opportunities, many companies have a broad coalition of other textiles, plastics manufacturers, to enter through the existing channels and purchase and sales, full production of the bags into the consumer market.