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Four advantages of using reusable shopping bags
Source:本站    Uploaded:2010-12-8

Non-woven bags (commonly known as non-woven bags) is a green product, tough and durable, attractive appearance, good ventilation, reusable, washable, screen printing advertising, the use of a long period, suitable for any company in any industry as an advertising promotion, gift purposes. First, the economic effects of non-woven shopping bags and more released from the plastic bag to make starting a plastic bag will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging materials market, replaced by that repeated use of non-woven shopping bags. In terms of non-woven plastic bags is easier than printing patterns, colors more vivid expression. Plus can be used repeatedly, it can be considered non-woven shopping bag with plastic bags more attractive than the pattern and advertising, because it can repeatedly use the loss rate of less than plastic bags, woven shopping bags instead of leading to more cost savings, and lead to more significant advertising effectiveness.
Non-woven shopping bags and more robustness
The traditional plastic shopping bags, in order to save material cost so thin, easily damaged. But if to make him more firmly bound to be all the more it costs. Non-woven shopping bags appears to solve all the problems, non-woven shopping bags, high toughness, easy to wear. There are many of the coated non-woven shopping bags, but also with firmness, more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance a bit. Although the cost compared to a single plastic bag up a little, but the life of a non-woven shopping bags can arrive more than a hundred, even thousand of tens of thousands of plastic bags.
Non-woven shopping bags and more advertising effect
A beautiful non-woven shopping bags, not only just a bag of goods. Its appearance is more beautiful and attractive, can be easily transformed into a stylish shoulder bag, a street of a beautiful landscape. Coupled with its solid, waterproof, non-stick properties of the hand will become the first choice of customers to go out in such a non-woven shopping bags, which can be printed on your company's logo or advertising, it brings the advertising effect on It goes without saying, and really focus on a small investment into a big return.
Non-woven shopping bags and more environmentally friendly public service value
Issuance of the plastic limit, is to solve environmental problems. Use of non-woven bags tip over, greatly reducing the waste into the pressure. With the concept of environmental protection, better able to reflect your corporate image, and close to the people of the effects. Thus the potential value of more money just can not be replaced.